Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Lana grew up among paints and pencils. Once she realized this was her passion, she obtained a bachelors degree in the Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting and printmaking from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.

Having always been fascinated by the human form, she is constantly exploring the figure in her work. Primarily using in oil paints, she often works in black and white to emphasize light and shadow within the human body. In her series, "Muse", she simplifies the form to line work while still capturing the gesture of the form.  

Her latest series delves into a much more conceptual and experimental style as it consists of work on found bones. "The Bone Series" began as an exploration of anatomical drawings which then evolved into actual bones being used as the primary medium. Each piece combines elements of geometric shapes, forms and color palettes found in nature in order to illustrate concepts of life and death simultaneously. The series aims to serve as a reminder of the density of life we are constantly surrounded by as well as its cyclical nature on both macro and micro levels. By reconstructing the bones within a frame, Lana asks the viewer to explore the figure's relationship to bones that create it and the universe it which it resides. 

While working in many facets of the creative world, she continues to explore within her own artwork through painting, printmaking, photography, modeling and creative design.



100 by 100 Group Art Show, Fleetwood SF Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2017

Chillin' Productions Art Show, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2017

Solo Show, Contraband, San Francisco CA 2017

"Lucha Libre" Art Show, Wonderland Gallery, San Francisco CA 2016

"Frida Tribute" Art Show, Wonderland Gallery, San Francisco CA 2016

"Vinyl Record" Art Show, Wonderland Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2015

“BODIES” Art Exhibition, Wonderland Gallery, San Francisco, CA   2015    

“Light and Shadows” SubLevel Art Show, SugarCafe Bar and Lounge, San Francisco, CA    2014

“Bio Collective” Art Exhibition, 518 Valencia Gallery, San Francisco, CA    2014

“SKIN” Art Exhibition, Studio17, San Francisco, CA    2014

Academy of Art University Spring Show, San Francisco, CA   2014

Academy of Art University Spring Show, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA    2013